Hypothecation Cancellation – 4 Wheeler


Details of Hypothecation Cancellation 4 wheeler

Congratulation on owning your four-wheeler completely! You buy a vehicle on a loan, this fact is marked on the Registration Certificate (RC) of your vehicle. This is called hypothecation. When you absolutely repay your loan, you want this fact to be removed from your RC, It’s time to induce hypothecation cancellation done! PDS your Drives.

Documents Required:-
       1. RC Original
       2. Valid Insurance copy
       3. Emission copy
       4. NOC letter from Financier
       5. CC form
  •  A personal visit is needed to the RTO office. Once an appointment is set our PDS Executive will inform you of the same
  •  In case of signature mismatch, the registered owner has to redo the signature in RTO for further processing.
  • Time Period:- The entire method can take 15-20 operating days (Excluding Holidays), once all the documents are submitted to the involved RTO.


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